Thursday, February 10, 2011


I may be wrong but I have a different take on what is actually taking place in the Middle East. I think there may be a flaw in western thinking on what is really happening in the Moslem world.

In my view from what I see on TV western thinking doesn’t have a clue as to what is actually the underline views and feeling with these people.
Question, what is the first thing any organized group will do when it feels its survival is threatened?

The smart and wise thing to do is get back to the basics. So far western civilization has failed to do this and until this is done western civilization has no chance of survival.

I believe the Moslem world is addressing this problem and is trying to get back to their basics.
Sure, the intellectuals and educated doesn't have that in mind but I assure you the masses are dead set on reestablishing Sharia law throughout the whole Moslem world in my view. And I predict that is where this whole movement is headed.

There are two sides to modern communications and the Moslem world doesn’t like what they see. With modern computers, cell phones, and other communication they see the deadly moral threat of porn and other moral decay and they don’t want this stuff invading their world.

You mark my word! I believe economic is a factor, but this is much more of a moral movement than anything else in my view. I also believe this moral issue is something the Christian faith has failed on big time. In many ways a moral threat is much more dangerous than a physical or mental threat, but, after around 80 years of our liberal welfare state most Americans couldn’t recognize a moral threat even if it slapped them upside the head.

Morality is the only thing that truly protects future generations. Morality is the only thing that holds a society together long term. Laws alone won't hold a society together long term, especially if no one respects or believes in the law.

Without morality it's back to the law of nature meaning the survival of the strongest and the fittest.

Everyone knows that the United States senate has a tradition and long accepted form of a filibuster. But, now we have this new radical form of filibuster that has cropped up in the Wisconsin State senate that gravely concerns me.

Sure, I believe winning at all cost may win you a battle but something like this in the long run could threaten our republic form of government, then we the people all loses the war. God I ask in your name, save our republic form of government for my grand children and generation to come.

Like I've said many times before, less than five percent of the USA population truly understands how an economy really works and that includes learned economists. They don't teach what I tell you in schools. This nation has took the course of least resistance and allowed the liberals to create this monster size welfare state beast that has all but completely destroyed our once strong nuclear and extended family system.

Common sense should tell anyone that understands basic economics that mass government spending cuts at once are going to speed up the collapse of this welfare state by creating hoards of new dependents and mouths to feed.

What is truly needed is a back to survival basics, meaning a way must be found to rebuild the nations nuclear and extended family system and get back to a true free market place economy or as near as possible.

But, that can never be done with government taxing the hell out of businesses to kingdom come.
I understand, but less than five percent of the general population understands that all profit originates with some type of trade or business transaction from the private sector.

And the sad fact is the heavy hand of government taxes and self-initiative killing regulations is drying up that profit generating well. And guess what? Government will dry up, too.
The only way this great nation is going to be saved is through private enterprise.

Government must be voted back to its designated role in our free republic as the guardian and protector and doing only what the people can’t do for themselves.

A nation cannot remain free and survive with government in the role of super family provider simply because without a survival need the two family household will soon disappear and so will the nation.

As a man of great supernatural wisdom I suggest we start the process by first completely eliminating the minimum wage and government must stop giving anyone free money on an individual basis.
That don't include anyone working for government.

The government should help the poor and unemployed by establishing government run commissaries, houses, and clinics with the use of token only to qualify, then the free market will remain free not contaminated and inflated out of sight like it is now.

. Otherwise, in a welfare state any drastic government spending cuts is only going to mean a smaller pie to be shared by many more dependents and mouths to feed. Jesus wept. My God! I slam my hat on the floor! Lord help us! It is sad and hard for me to watch my beloved homeland commit economic suicide!

For several years I have been ranting and raving at the top of my voice but it is like water off a ducks back. No one will listen and I'm totally ignored, what else can one do. This nation is on an unsustainable course leading to sure doom. But, what do we do? The conservatives are fixing to jump out of the hot water into the fire.

As I watch this so called conservative government spending cut craze go on as if it is some kind of fascinating game being played. Sure, this nation is headed toward doom and something definite need to be done but in my view economic suicide is not the answer.

Opinions are like a-holes with everyone having one including me.
Just because someone is a learned economist doesn't mean he/she truly knows what the hell is going on. You keep believing the egg heads with their always toeing the government line with figures to support it and we all are gonna perish.

Don't believe anything just because I say it, but also don't dismiss anything I say when it is based on over 5000 years of tried and true civilization proof.

When I pound and pound away on the necessity of the nuclear and extended family system and the fact that a genuine free market place economy has never failed to produce an over abundance of everything you can stake your life on it.

No system of government has ever survived in the history of mankind without the nuclear family unit head of household filling the role as the provider.

That last statement lead to this truth which I believe is the root cause of America's economic and culture meltdown. And until this root cause is dealt with and corrected this nation will never survive as a free nation.

The root cause I’m referring to started with the “New deal” when the liberals seized the nuclear family provider role from the traditional male head of household and then government became a sugar daddy.

That one act did something to the African American race that even slavery couldn’t do.

That root cause has almost completely destroyed the once proud and safe all black neighbor hoods. It has almost completely destroyed the once strong black nuclear and extended family system and community.

Proportional wise more African Americans babies are killed in the wombs than anywhere on earth. Also, approaching 80 percent of all African Americans babies are born out of wedlock.

Now, what do all of that have to do with America’s economic problems?
A lot, once government became a super sugar daddy family provider (and it is a sugar daddy provider because it has never enforced discipline or demanded qualification to receive free handouts) it has not only destroyed our economy it has rotted away our culture, too.

For all of these years conservatives have stood by and let the liberals grow this vast welfare state into a super beast.
Now over 95 percent of the population expects government to always be there to take care of them if they need it. So, I think it is wrong for conservatives to snatch that false sense of hope from under these people without throwing them some kind of a lifeline.

I believe less than five percent of the population understand basic economic because all of these people think cutting government spending is going to reduce the size of government, wrong.

It is going to increase the size of government by increasing the government dole population. The only way to reduce big government when it is a welfare state is to reduce government’s role as a family provider.

I have offered a great
suggestion on how to solve the dilemma, because with a welfare state the more you cut government spending the more you put people out of work and increase government dependency.
Also, increasing the governments dependency population forces government to raise taxes even more on the businesses left standing thereby driving even more people out of work.

Government should never give out free money on an individual basis. Government should help the poor and unemployed by establishing temporary government run commissaries, housing, and clinics with the use of tokens only to qualify.
Government should never give free money and food stamps to anyone on an individual basis because that is what has destroyed our economy.

Government giving out free money on an individual basis destroys the balance between the merchant and the consumer.

So, when government gives the poor the money to pay the merchants higher and higher prices that allows the merchants to stay in business and keep prices high for everyone.

Then government raises taxes higher and higher on the merchants to provide care for more and more government dependents in a never ending upward spiral. Lord save this great nation.
LOG: 10 FEBRUARY 2011, 2305 HOURS.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


01 FEBRUARY 2011, 0925 HOURS: UPDATEThe main reason I'm so against conservatives doing massive government spending cuts out of the blue is because the liberals with their welfare state has severely crippled private enterprise and nearly destroyed the once strong reliable nuclear and extended family system in this nation.

Before the “New deal” came along the people’s survival depended on private enterprise and the strong reliable nuclear and extended family system and hardly anyone depended on government for their survival.

Balance is the key, social security was a good thing as a supplement for the handicapped, widows, and the elderly but everyone knows that balance is no longer the case.

Now, the liberals with their welfare state have created masses upon masses of government dependents and have all but destroyed our once strong nuclear and extended family system umbrella.

So, in my eyes it would be cruel and unfair for conservatives to snatch the rug from under these people before throwing them some type of lifeline.

The lifeline I have suggested is to stop all government free money handouts to anyone on an individual basis because that destroys the free market place and is what keeps driving prices higher and higher for everyone.

Once that is done establish temporary government commissaries, houses, and clinics that will require tokens only to participate, that way the national currency and the free market will stay pure and won’t be contaminated with uncontrolled inflation.

So, I say give these people a lifeline first, next eliminate the minimum wage, then conservatives “Do your thing” cut taxes, spending and everything else to the bone, hurrah, hurrah...

I'm confused! I'm hearing that cutting government spending is going to increase jobs. I say poppy cock, hogwash, bull, nonsense, I beg your difference because I'm convinced that when you cut government spending you put people out of work.

There is no way of getting around that fact. Now, if you tell me you are cutting taxes then I agree that is going to increase jobs, but government spending, no way. If you do massive cuts in government spending that is going to put massive amounts of people out of work.

The question is what is going to happen to these people? Do these people find new jobs or do they greatly increase the government dole population. Obvious the dole population is going to increase because hardly anyone can find a job as it is.

If conservatives actually believe that massive cuts in government spending are going to increase jobs, then we are in more trouble than even I could imagine. Who am I, but I must say unless somebody start taking me serious and listening to some of my ideas this run-a-way economic train is definite going to crash and burn.

I’m not totally against cuts in government spending, but you can’t ignore the facts. When you cut government entitlements that cuts their administrative staff and if it includes less money going to recipients, too, anyway you look at it, that is money that won’t be available to retailers.

As long as more than forty percent of the American people depend on the government as their super provider they will never vote to bite the hand that feeds them.

So, anything conservatives do that don’t work to take back the provider role for the individual family unit where it had been for over 5,000 years until the “New deal” came along is a waste of time.

MY Warning to the Tea party and conservatives, if you do massive government cuts in spending its going to backfire on you. The first thing is it won't stop job loss or truly control government spending it will only be committing political suicide.

Remember, the unemployment rate is already extremely high and massive government cuts all at once is going to mean even more massive unemployment. Sure, something can be done but that ain’t the way to go about it.

Conservatives must get all of their ducks in a row first; I will get to my suggested way to go about it later. If the conservative insist on plowing ahead with massive cut in government spending all it is going to do is put the liberals back in power.

They are the ones that overall caused the fix we are in today starting with the “New deal.” Again you will almost never hear me mentioning a political party simply because there are a lot of under cover liberals in the Republican Party and almost vice versa in the Democratic Party.

I often refer to liberals as being shallow but you won’t ever hear me referring to liberals as being dumb or stupid. Overall liberals are much smarter and intelligent than conservatives in my view, why do you think they were able to take over almost all of our colleges and universities and most of the institutions in this country.

But, in my view they are still shallow surface dweller that should never control the long term destiny of a country. Once the “New deal” gave them the excuse to seize the social and family provider role for themselves they have never looked back, they kept almost absolute power for forty years.

They did it simply by giving the people what the people wanted at taxpayer’s expense, which they are still doing to this day. And I don’t think they know or care if that destroys character in the people and will bankrupt the country, I believe they feel to hell with country as long as it keeps them in power.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows to keep overspending like the government is doing is going to destroy this great nation. Still, do you know anyone with an ounce of common sense that believes with liberal in power they will ever control overspending, I don’t.

So, it’s very simple, if this great nation is ever going to be saved, the conservative will have to fight against all odds to do it. Saving this great nation is something a lot easier said than done because the shallow minded liberals have not only destroyed the economy they have created masses of dependent voter with a flawed do-for-me mentality.

If conservatives are going to save this great country it can’t be done by taking away the only means the masses of government dependents has been conditioned to survive on without some guaranteed replacement.

That is why if the conservatives go ahead with massive government cut in spending its going to put many more out of work, and I will guarantee you they will be voted out of office even with people knowing something must be done about overspending.

Again, I will promise you as long as government is in its all powerful role of social and family provider, government over spending will never be brought under control, the politics will never allow it because the liberals will see you in hell first before they will ever stop growing government.

I have already given the best conservative solution that I know of in the form of a suggestion. My suggestion is to first run a test in a large northeastern city to test the theory and work out any kinks.

The purpose of the suggestion is to stop government from giving out free money on an individual basis. That will stop government from subsidizing higher and higher prices thereby allowing poor people to pay their own health cost and other living cost.

I know most people will think my suggestion is not a good solution but it is. The main reason is the people dependent on the government to survive must know that they will not be abandoned with no food, shelter, warmth, or medical care.

That is what I meant by conservatives having all of their ducks in a row, conservatives must never do massive government spending cut before guaranteeing the poor and the unemployed a means to survive, But, they should never give out free money on an individual basis if the free market economy is to survive.

The poor and unemployed should be given token that can only be spent in temporary government run commissaries, housing, kitchen, and clinics. Then with government no longer giving out free money on an individual basis prices will have to drop to where the poor can pay for their own medical care and other cost or no merchants can stay in business.

I don’t see any other way to political get past the liberals and save this great country’s economy from crashing and burning. Temporary runing government run commissaries, housing, kitchens, and clinics will cost money but that type of spending doesn't destroy the free market place and drive up consumer prices for everyone like whats happening now.

Then if the minimum wage is eliminated the economy can’t help but boom. Sure, at first the liberals and the masses of government dependents will never accept something like this and there will be an outrageous outcry.

But, with a little time the majority population will come around, because it knows we definitely are on a course to doom. Even the conservatives might not be on board for this, but I have made my case.

Now, it is up to others to take it from here, I will guarantee you, you will never defeat the liberals with cold turkey massive government spending cuts, that is only going to get conservatives kicked out of office.
No one has to take my advice for anything just continue on your merry way, we’ll see.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


On TV I see all of the pundits and talking heads from the left and the right trying to figure out Sarah Palin and why she is such a lighting rod.

They watch and weigh every word she speaks trying to find a clue to as to what makes her tick. The liberals are almost out of their minds with frustration, anger, and a host of other emotions, all for reasons they themselves can't give a logical reason for.

To me the core reason is very simple and very clear. I'll just cut through the chase and quickly give you the core reason. The core reason is not political. The core reason and drive behind all of this fuss is the liberal instinct.

The liberals by instinct see her as a deadly moral threat, especially liberal women and to their progress. The liberals are in boot shaking fear that she will get some real power, but they will never admit that, they just keep say she don't have a snowball chance in hell of winning.
Most conservatives and other are mostly fascinated by the whole thing and can't understand why the liberals dislike her so much. Some people are for her only because the liberals hate her so much.

Ever since the “New deal” moral and spiritual values in the USA has been declining and is now to the point that liberals will stop at nothing to try to destroy any genuine high moral person in the political arena. And they are right to be fearful because their forty years of absolute rule or to rule at all in the future is going to become more and more remote.
That is because the once big three no longer has absolute control over all free speech news, thanks to the blogs, talk radio, and other alternatives.

Now the real truth is getting through to educate the people on the dire fix the liberals has put this great nation in. That is my one man analysis on what is taking place with Governor Palin.
However, the liberals can never be counted out or taken for granted because they do have one powerful advantage over genuine conservatives. Hardcore liberal lions will stop at nothing to have their way providing they can legal get away with it.
Whereas, most hardcore genuine conservatives has moral and self-restraint boundaries. Most genuine conservatives are bound by self-respect for the truth, for the protection of unborn future generations, and other moral considerations that would never deter a die-hard liberal from delivering a knock out punch.
These people are almost unstoppable in obtaining their goals. The only thing that is going to stop the liberals and save this great nation from total doom is to educate the majority public. Otherwise the liberals are too shallow to recognize their sure path to self-destruction to themselves and to the nation.
18 JANUARY 2011, 1730 HOURS

If you sit down to a card game and stake someone to bet against you then you end up owing them a lot of money how dumb is that. Well, this really happened to our drunk on spending welfare state, unbelievable. Boo hoo, cry me a river.

UPDATE: 16 JANUARY 2011, 0850 HOURS.
SOUL SEARCHING OUT LOUD!Why! Why! Oh Lord, why do I continue on with this, where do this drive come from to continue on writing. I’m not selling enough books to enrich myself; this is almost a curse to me, why! Why! Why...

I’m no fool I know 98 percent of the people disagrees with my views, especially completely eliminating the minimum wage. Still, for some reason beyond me I’m driven by some unknown energy or destiny to plod on.

Just maybe I can do even a small thing to aid in keeping millions upon millions from starving to death when this economy crash and burn. There are no guarantees in life and I know my views may be wrong.

But still, it is insane for this great nation to continue on a course that every wise man/woman knows can’t be sustained. Even a fool knows you must try to stop a run away train (The economy) even if you fail, I only see more money printing and government spending.

Sometimes under extreme conditions requires extreme actions and I don’t see that happening. I suggested a testing of the "No minimum wage" in practice in a large northeastern city, mute was the answer.

I don’t care what it takes this run away train economy must be stopped before it crashes and burns with possible 100 million people starving to death afterward, and they won’t even run a simple little test that may show how to save millions of lives., shame on you welfare state and egg heads. I take a moment of silence, you think about it.

I SIT NEXT TO YOU, YOU SIT NEXT TO ME!Hogwash! It never ceases to amaze me of the bold scheming of the liberal mind. Now, all of a sudden liberals want to get rid of all labels and sit next to the opposition.

Why now? Do anyone think they would have come up with this before the last election, I don’t. I think all of this new good intention is just a tactic to confuse the public. Right now they know the liberal ticket is not the hottest ticket in town so why not hid in plain sight.

Sure, if this is a genuine goodwill effort to last over time no matter who is on top I’m all for it but I don’t think that is the case. Please don’t hate on me, I’m only one man with one view and I could be wrong.

FREE SPEECH:Everyone agrees that unnecessarily shouting fire in an open theater must be banned. But, going past something simple like that could come to no ending.

It could lead to being punished for coughing at the wrong time in the wrong place. No one can predict where it will all end if we go down this political correctness road. Liberals are not against free speech, they are just against speech that is not shallow and irresponsible like their own.

They are too shallow to understand that there is a much bigger world out there than their shallowness can see. Over a hundred years or so ago the only place you could find a liberal was from a rich family and maybe on a college campus.

Today, around eighty years after the "New deal" they are crawling out of the wood works and everywhere, they have completely taken over our great colleges and universities. I tip my hat to them, these are awesome people there is nothing they will not do to attain their goals.

With 20 percent or less of the total population these good intention shallow super aggressive people for all practical purpose has taken over and spent and ran this great country into the ground since the "New deal."

They grabbed this awesome power by taking the course of least resistance and handing out free government goodies at tax payer's expense.

That is something that plays to our very basic human instincts and its extremely hard for almost everyone to resist the easy life of government assured pleasure and comfort. But, now we are face to face with that age old axiom, “There are no free rides in nature,” someone always pays one way or another and it may be in blood, sweat, or tears.

Only now with the once big three no longer in complete monopoly like control of all free speech news has the vise like liberal death grip on this nation's throat begun to loosen.

Now real true free speech is finally getting through to the people, I can only hope it’s not too late to save this great nation from economic collapse and total liberal destruction. Amen, praise be to God.UPDATE: 10 JANUARY 2011, 1200 HOURS.I'm not against government spending to help people in severe need, but, what I am against is the type of government spending since the "New deal" that have destroyed our economy, culture, and nation almost to the point of no return.

I don't have a problem with the government spending like crazy as long as it doesn't hand out money on an individual basis. Handing out money on an individual basis destroys the natural balance between the buyer and the seller or the merchant and the consumer that in turn ignites the inflationary spiraling that is causing this insane runaway economy we have today.

Government giving out money on an individual basis is like cancer it first attacks and destroys the free market place economy, then the nation's culture, and on and on until a hollered out shell of a nation is left.

I don’t enjoy being a spoil sport, party pooper; raining on anybody’s parade, or any other bad news metaphor. But, one thing about me is no matter what it is I’m going to face it head on.

I have faced dreadful almost unbearable things all of my life and found you always come out better in the end no matter the results. Even if you are wrong face your mistake and try again.

I don't think this nation's leadership is willing to truly face down the dire situation our economy and nation are in. And I think this great nation will be left unprepared when the bottom falls out which anyone with an ounce of economic sense know is going to happen.
UPDATE: 10 JANUARY 2011, 0813 HOURS.Okay, okay if my "No minimum wage" is so insane and unworkable why not at the least run a test case and see what happens. After all I'm talking about the future survival of this great nation and we are a civilized people, who can be against running a test.

Why not select Detroit or any large northeastern city for a five year "No minimum wage" test case and see what happens in practice. I suggest First grandfather clause in all existing conditions. But, once the test takes effect I suggest no new government cash be given out on an individual basis.
I suggest some of the acres and acres of vacant building be used as government run commissaries, clinics or whatever is needed on a community wise basis. I believe this nation need to start preparing no matter how small on what I and all wise men/women know is coming soon to this great nation.JOBS, THAT ELUSIVE CREATURE GOVERNMENT IS TRYING TO FIND!As a self-made writer, publisher, philosopher, inventor, and original creative thinker, I decided to weigh in here on the lack of jobs debacle.

The first misconception is the purpose of a business or to go into business is to provide jobs. The need and reason for a business is to enrich or create a profit for the owner or owners and providing jobs is only a byproduct.

That being the case government goal and aim should be to set policies that will allow businesses to make more profit not less. And at the very least not create mountains of red tape. Nature’s supreme law of “Natural selection” that controls everything on earth is base solely on a “Survival need.”

For anything to survive or exist any period of time there must be a “Survival need” for it to exist or it will crease to exist, and that includes jobs. It is very simple if a business truly need more help or job seekers it will hire them, their main complaint or problem is finding qualified job seekers.

The main reason government is desperate in job promoting is all of the dependents the welfare state has created since the “New deal” is coming with pitch forks if the provider checks isn’t delivered. Now I refer back to the broken record that I have been playing for many years.

The ultimatum is either we give up feeding the welfare state beast or the great USA perishes. There is no other way out, the financial burdens and cost is simply going to kill this economy.

I believe the government as a social and family provider since the “New deal’ has grown into this financial beast that is impossible to feed, and it is now eating the great USA out of a house and home.

To not face this reality is insane, stupid, and beyond irresponsible, it is sheer madness. With my supernatural wisdom I have suggested a means to defuse this time bomb from causing a total collapsing of the world’s global economy, but to no avail, I’m totally ignored and dismissed as a nut case.

Maybe millions upon millions live could be saved, but what can I say, I’m seen as just a nobody trying play on the world’s stage. I believe and suggested that completely eliminating the minimum wage would provide a way back to sanity and slowly slow down this runaway welfare state economy, stop it and reverse back away from the cliff it is about to go over.

Then with over 5000 years of proven human survival evolution we can head in the direction of the strong nuclear and extended family system. That will allow the one breadwinner household to rebound and again lead to unsurpassed greatness for the land of the free and home of the brave.

What? Well, I’m waiting! I’m waiting for the egg heads to say how they are going to stop this runaway economy from going over the cliff to crash and burn! I’m waiting for anyone to offer a better solution than mine! Will some mature adult please step up!

I know no liberal is going to step up they are too shallow to see any survival threat until it is tearing down the front door. Sure, ultimately all survival is based on need, but, the bonus to life is what do we want and desire which can be manipulated.

So, a business may not need more employees but if it is going to lead to enough profit to make it worthwhile then greed will kick in. There is no greater motivating energy force on earth than greed.

Greed is the only force that can make a free people and a free market place produce more of everything than any one nation can use. And are the main reason communist government, socialist government, and any system that shuts down greed will fail unless there are abundance natural resources to sell.

Greed is like electricity very dangerous but when harnessed is the most powerful motivating energy force on earth. If the USA government truly wants to produce more jobs it first must eliminate mountains of red tape greatly relieve the tax bite to allow businesses to make enough profit to make growth worth the effort.

That and that alone will free up entrepreneurs then greed will take it from there and boom the economy. But, the real solution in the end must be to get the welfare state out of the social and family provider role it is now playing.

Friday, December 17, 2010


BRIEF UPDATE:When government gives out money on an individual basis to the poor in the long run it is not helping the poor or the country.

What that is doing is destroying the free market place which in time will hurt everyone and hurt the poor the most by driving the cost of living out of sight.

If the government truly wants to help the poor without doing a lot of damage and in the end destroy the country, it should establish government Commissaries, government housing, government clinic, or even issue government token chips.

Doing it that way wouldn't destroy the free market place like government has been doing ever since the "New deal." Issuing food stamps is a no, no because that is technical the same as giving out money on an individual basis.

Government can spend like hell all it wants to as long as it doesn't give out money on an individual basis because that is the one thing that affects and destroys the free market place.

In a natural healthy economy there is a natural balance between the merchant and the consumer that keeps the cost of living affordable and under control. But, when government gets involve it is like someone putting his thumb on the scale.

There is no way a greedy merchant can decide to charge a higher price than his competition and stay in business without government involvement because not enough people already have the money.

Cry me a river, and the government think it is helping the poor by handing out money on an individual basis. So, even now as back then the egg heads ignore and dismisses everything someone like me may say, even if it makes totally good sense and is sound judgment.

Like I've said thousands of times the economy is just one leg of the four leg survival stool, as a supposition if the USA had all of the money it needed to spend on anything it wanted to it still wouldn't save us from total doom, because the welfare state has rotted away the core of this great nation, there is legal murder in the womb and sodomy is no longer a kept secret in the military.

Sodomy the same as abortion on demand are instinctually a threat to future survival in almost all cases. Understanding this fact is something that can’t be taught, but anyone one with a strong survival instinct will automatic knows this without being told.

Remember, I don’t make any rules I just happen to have a super strong survival instinct that recognizes inherent threats to survival, no matter what they are.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hear ye! To any one within the range of my voice, unlike the liberals hiding their real intentions, my intentions are to try to drive the welfare state out of being an individual family unit provider.

I don't believe there is anyway this great nation can survive and be saved as long as our super welfare state beast is in the family provider role it now plays.

I think the family provider role should be returned back to the individual family unit, and government should stay with protecting and defending the nation and doing only that which the people can't do for themselves.

Our super welfare state beast has destroyed our culture to the point that we are living in the now, me first, what do I get out of it, I want mine, I want it all, screw future generations, It’s just a fetus, gimmy, gimmy, and on and on.

Self-sacrificing for the long term good of the country and sometimes willingly giving up a right for wrong for the long term good of the country is almost unheard of with most of today’s leadership.

I just want everyone to know that I think the destruction of our nuclear and extended family system was caused by our liberal induced welfare state, and it have placed this great nation at deaths door.

I blame almost all of it on our liberal induced welfare state starting with the “New deal.” Their intent was not to destroy the country, their intent was to irresponsible grab power and keep it at all cost by handing out free goodies at tax payers expense.

Sure, during hard and trying times the government has a responsibility to provide on temporary basis community wise only emergency kitchens, shelters, and clinics, anything more will in time take away the need for the nuclear and extended family system thereby destroying the nuclear and extended family system, which have happen in the USA.

The individual family provider role must remain in the hands of the individual family unit breadwinner for any nation or society to survive long term.

We as a nation has failed to safeguard our nuclear family unit which is nature’s first law of human survival enforced by its supreme law of “Natural selection.” There has never been a surviving society in the history of mankind without the nuclear family unit.

The process of “natural selection is chasing this nation down and closing in on us and we are gonna pay dearly for destroying our nuclear and extended family system, hopefully we will survive as a nation.

About me: It may be as much as 95 percent of the people will see me as a cold and uncaring monster, but, when the bottom falls out of this welfare state and we won’t have a leg to stand on , I will be the hero, by then it may be too late.

I’m all about doing the greater good meaning the long term survival of the entire species, not just short term pleasure and comfort, especially to those that don’t do anything to earn their keep. I’m human I have feeling the same as all people.

I take no pleasure in being disliked and frowned upon, but, I believe I have been chosen by destiny to help save this great nation and I cannot and will not dialect my duty come hell or high waters. Long live the great USA.

When I say get rid of the minimum wage the first thing most people will think is, my God! And think businesses will be in a race to see who can pay the least amount in wages. The truth is no one knows because it is a natural selection process and a business still has to pay the best wages to get the best people.

Plus, that is only one side of the coin, the other side of the coin is no business can charge more than the poor can afford to pay and stay in business, that is unless the government gives the poor the money to pay whatever price a business may charge.

Getting rid of the minimum wage would severely limit governments ability to drive up prices for everyone when it pays the poor enough money to keep high priced merchants in business, otherwise the cost of living could never out distance what the poor man could afford. Right now the cost of living is far above what a one breadwinner provider can afford.

The merchant has to charge higher and higher prices to pay higher and higher taxes, license fees, permit fees, and countless other government mandates even before any business profit is made. And the government keep growing bigger and bigger needing even more taxes to be even a bigger sugar daddy in a no ending inflationary spiral. Even a moron should see the hand writing on the wall, but oh no, not a shallow minded liberal.

It is impossible for this system not to crash no matter what the egg heads say. While all of this has been going on since the “New deal” it has hollered out the foundation and culture core of this great nation and left us with no means to survive through hard times or a severe crisis.

Monday, December 13, 2010


There was never a minimum wage before the "New deal" and this nation have been around well over 200 years

I love liberals some of my best friends are liberals we all are human beings, some of us are very shallow and some of us has great depth.

More than anyone else the liberals complains about no jobs, kids don’t have enough to eat, and on and on. But, they are shallow and don’t have the depth to realize that practically all of these ills are the direct result of their liberal policies more than anyone Else's.

I just shake my head and realize these liberals are like spoiled kids; you can’t dislike them for their shallowness. I’m more saddened than hostile at them, but, this is not Child's play this is the real world that is being screwed up.

This is why I try so hard to educate people with my deep wisdom and sound judgment. Actually our whole society is at fault for being seduced and lulled so far astray from what reasonable men and women know is down the wrong path.

It is natural for everything in nature to take the course of least resistance including man, but, we are human beings with the ability to reason and we should know better.

We should know that the road down the course of least resistance leads to “Easy come easy go.” We should know that the road down the gambling path leads to a “Something for nothing mentality.”

We should know that any road leading away from a strong nuclear and extended family system leads to murder in the womb and leaving our young undisciplined and unprepared for survival. We should know that good times are not going to last forever.

This liberal created welfare state has just about destroyed our nuclear and extended family system, our once super strong religious and moral values, and any capacity to barter with many, many small farmers and home gardeners, we have in a sense ate our seed corn and drink our priming water.

Now, we have almost nothing in terms of surviving through hard times, I pity the fool. By putting all of our eggs and faith in one super welfare state beast we are almost done in terms of emergency survival.

Look at what the liberals has done to the once great motor city and practical all of the big northeastern cities. The liberals have run these cities almost totally unopposed for years and look at the result, but, they are still blaming everybody else and his brother.

Liberal policies have driven away businesses, the middle class, and everyone else with the means to escape. With sensible policies Detroit city can be saved with all of those abandon building coming alive and booming. All it takes is getting rid of the national minimum wage.

The egg heads think I’m stupid and they are the one's that know it all. I say eliminating the minimum wage is our only hope. It is true no matter if nobody believes it but me. As long as I have the mean I will keep pounding and shouting to anyone who will listen to my drumbeat of junking the minimum wage.

I don’t think it will but I know it could turn our whole economy upside down. The fact is we don’t really have a choice if we want to survive as a nation, otherwise we will end up as a region in some world body.

Anyone with an ounce of economic sense knows the current system we have is going to collapse, no one knows the day and hour, but they know it's going to happen. They are in denial and will never admit it in public but I will and continue to do so, unless they shut me down.

I know I’m branded and seen as a nut case, so be it, I’m only writing what I truly believe, I don’t know why I’m doing this, I feel it must be destiny, sometimes I feel like a driven man on a treadmill and can’t get off. In fact I hate the limelight and is uncomfortable around most people, especially strangers.

If the minimum wage is gotten rid of there is nothing saying that businesses will pay lower wages. A true free market place which it would be without any forced wages up or down. That would create a natural balance.

Sure, the cost of living would have to come down but I don’t believe it would drop like a rock. Very few people would work for a dollar an hour because you couldn't buy enough to make it worth while.

But, in time the cost of living and the buying power of the dollar would seek a reasonable balance, whereas right now the average salary is far too low to come close to meeting the cost of living. The cost of living would seek a level down where one head of household could provide for a whole family.

Everything including medical cost would seek a natural level down to where everyone could pay out of pocket. If a business wanted the best workers it would still have to pay the best wages.

Sure, I keep harping on getting rid of the minimum wage, but the truth is if we don’t do it the whole system is going to collapse and millions upon millions are going to stave to death.

You don’t have to believe me, just keep feeding our liberal welfare state beast and we’ll all find out sooner than we think.

I believe anything that will starve the beast out of its all powerful social and family provider role is a good thing and the only way to save the United States of America. Unlike the liberals I will never hide my true beliefs.

Friday, December 10, 2010


I feel a need to weigh in again on this subject. I believe anybody that attacks the rich is ignorant on what makes a democracy work or is just no friend of freedom and democracy.

Attacking the rich is the first thing a future dictator will do because he knows the rich is the life blood that makes a democracy works. There has never been and never will be a rich and prosperous country without a lot of rich people to bring it about.

Rich people are not the same as poor people with money, there is a world of difference in motivation and attitude. As a supposition if all of the money in this country were spread equally among the people, it wouldn
’t take but a few years for almost all of the money to be back in the same hands.

Entrepreneur’s registers very high in altruism which is especially true when rewarded properly. Now, at the very opposite end of the totem pole where you will find the most dead beats and cop-out losers, and if you just scratch a little below the surface you will almost always find a very selfish self-centered individual.

Any type of government or economic system that won’t let a lot of people become rich is going to fail, unless it is blessed with a lot of natural resources. These liberals and masses of government dependents doesn
’t have a clue as to what truly made this country great.

Throughout all of the early struggles this nation’s culture always remained intact until the “New deal” came along. That is when the Liberals seized the traditional nuclear family provider role for themselves, and it wasn
’t long after that the black man was completely kicked out of the house.

Since then the liberals has slowly created social program after social program that conditions masses upon masses of people not to feel personally responsible for their own survival. These people have come to believe that it always someone else’s responsibility or fault for their survival.

What are they going to do when this government is broke and can’t borrow any more money or continue printing so much phony money that our currency will soon have the same worth as monopoly money?

Now the liberals are going all out attacking the rich instead of being thankful for the rich that supplies them with a job which dead beats will never do. What you see on the surface and out front is never what it really takes to be a super achiever.

That is just a fraction of what it takes, you don’t know it, but while you are in your easy chair or recliner kicked back with a beer or watching your favorite movie or TV program, the super achievers are doing backbreaking work or toiling away 15, 16, or more hour’s a day.

With very few exceptions rich and successful people truly work hard and earn the money they make. Meanwhile the welfare state and its hoard of government dependents think they have a right to take that money hand some back and spend the rest as they please.

Then they act like they are doing the rich and super achievers a favor by giving them back some of their own money. The fact is the rich nor anyone is actually getting a tax cut it is just staying at the same rate it’s been for the last ten years.

If the liberals and big spenders had the power they would without a doubt spend this country into total oblivion and regress us all back to the Stone Age. Then while dragging the women by their hair into caves they would still be yelling it’s the republicans fault.

Like I have said many times before, when you create a situation where the rich can no longer keep or hold on to their money that is the beginning to the end of freedom and democracy. The rich is the glue that holds every democracy together.

Like a broken record I repeat, as long as government is in the role of super family provider that is the force and drive that propels it to stop at nothing to retain that power, that includes everything it can beg, borrow, and steal, to keep their God like power.

Government will never go back to just protecting the country both internally and externally and doing only what the people can’t do for themselves. Anyone thinking that lowering taxes and cutting spending is going to control the growth of big government has got the cart before the horse.

No one must be listening, how many times I must say that nothing is going to stop the growth of government as long as it is in its social and family provider role. It must first be booted out of that all powerful social and family provider roles or it’s always going to be an exercise in futility, period.

There is a reason why most of the world is dirt poor and will always be poor. The main reason is ignorant people just can't resist the crablike mentality, and in my view that is the main force that is driving and feeding this attack the rich self-destructive movement.

The only way to bring power back to the people and the states is to completely get rid of the minimum wage, with all of my supernatural wisdom I can't think of any other way to get the welfare state out of its all powerful super family provider role.